About Potash

Potash Markets provides fresh, local, gourmet ingredients to help you fulfill your culinary passions. Whether you're about to bear down on a Bearnaise sauce or just need a quick and easy dinner tonight, Potash Markets gives you farm-to-table goodness that's easy to find, fun to prepare, and delicious to eat and drink. 

At our three grocery stores in downtown Chicago, you'll find:

  • Fresh, locally sourced produce and meat
  • Gourmet cheese, wine, and beer for all occasions
  • Chef-curated deli and full catering menu

And everything you need to make your next culinary adventure a success.

Potash Mission

  • Potash exists to help people fulfill their culinary passions and lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.
  • We provide tools, guidance, insight, and education to help people understand how to fulfill their healthy lifestyle goals and culinary interests, inspiring the behaviors and activities that can transform their happiness and well being.  
  • Potash provides extraordinary, local, natural and healthy foods, beverages, and lifestyle products. We believe that excitement, wonder, and learning should inhabit the experiences our customers have in our stores.

Potash History

In 1950, Herb, Dave, and Mel Potash opened Pleezing Foods on the northwest corner of Clark and Schiller Streets. Along with their father, Max, and sister, Marian, they provided personalized service and home deliveries to customers in the near north neighborhood. Later Dave, Mel, and Marian established Sandburg Supermart at 1525 N. Clark Street. In 1962, Herb opened Potash Bros. Food and Liquor store at 875 N. State Street.

Today, Potash provides fresh, local, gourmet ingredients at three grocery stores in downtown Chicago. While our business has grown and evolved, one thing has remained constant: our commitment to our customers.