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Our Blog: What's Cooking At Potash Markets

How to Grill Plank Salmon

Ever wondered why salmon is often cooked on a piece of wood? It may seem a little strange, but it’s a great way to infuse a delicious smoky flavor to any piece of fish. Plus, since fish is so flaky, it can’t really sit on a grill on its own, so having it on a flat piece of wood is an added benefit.

If you’ve never grilled fish on a plank before, it’s actually easier than you might think. Plus, once you’re finished, you can use the planks again and again. Simply scrape off the skin, wash and dry.

Here are some simple steps to grilling salmon on a plank:

1.  Choose a grilling plank

Grilling planks are available at many specialty cooking stores, and this week we are also selling them right here at Potash Markets. Cedar gives an especially aromatic flavor to salmon, but other woods are also great for grilling, such as:

Alder: Mild, mellow flavor

Cherry: Rich, bright flavor

Hickory: Strong, smoky flavor

Maple: Mild and sweet flavor

2.  Soak your plank

Since we don’t want to start a huge fire, this next step is super important. You need to soak your plank in a liquid for at least two hours before you grill with it. You can soak it in water, wine, cider, fruit juice or tea. You can even add some lemon or lime and spices to it to add to the flavor. 

3. Arrange the planks on the grill

You want to put the planks flat so they have contact with the grill grates. Make sure there’s enough space around each one for the heat to flow.

4.  Add the salmon

After you season your salmon, lay it skin-side down on the cedar planks and cover the grill.

5. Cook about 12-15 minutes

Check to see if the salmon is done after about 12 minutes. The salmon should be completely cooked all the way through. When finished, remove from the grill and place salmon on plates.

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