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Traders Point Creamery

They say that milk does a body good, and that’s especially true when the milk is made from cows that eat nothing but organic grasses.

That’s the philosophy behind Traders Point Creamery, a family-owned organic dairy farm and artisan creamery located in Zionsville, IN, where their heard of 150 Brown Swiss cows graze freely on open pastures, none of which are treated with synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.

“Our vision is to ‘nourish the land that nourishes us all,’” the company says on its website.

By feeding their cows grass instead of grain feed, the dairy they produce is higher in protein and healthy fats like Omega-3, CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), and nutrients like beta carotene and vitamins A and E. Plus, the cows aren’t treated with any antibiotics or growth hormones, making their milk as good for you as possible.

Traders Point Creamery was founded in 2003 when Jane Elder Kunz and her husband, Fritz, inherited her grandmother’s 150-acre farm. With a vision of creating a farm that would be both healthier for the earth as well as for humans, the Kunzes turned Traders Point into the first USDA-certified organic dairy farm in the state of Indiana. Today, Traders Point manages more than 400 acres of land, and they also process milk from other local, organic grassfed farms.

Unlike most milk you find in the supermarket, Traders Point’s Creamline Milk is thick and creamy. This whole, non-homogenized milk naturally separates into skim milk and cream, which is easier to digest than regular milk and lowers your bad cholesterol.

“The fat is where it’s at,” says Fritz Kunz. “We give it to you exactly as it came from the cow. Then you can take it home and make whatever dilution you want from the milk.”

The milk is packaged in glass containers, letting you see the goodness and purity of the milk right through the bottle.

Traders Point also produces drinkable yogurt, regular yogurt, Greek yogurt, all of which are also packaged in recyclable glass containers. The single serve yogurt comes in raspberry, wildberry, banana mango, plain and low-fat vanilla.

Potash Markets is excited to bring this wholesome, organic milk and yogurt from the farm straight to you in downtown Chicago. Try some today! 

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